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Are you up for the Blank Card challenge?

“Thinking of you”

I was in a card store recently speaking to the owner about his line of cards.  He shared with me that he carried very few blank cards.  I get that, afterall it is only about 10% of the greeting card market. He suggested that people are lazy. I’m not so sure about lazy, but I get that too.  Often times the purpose of a card is to simply let someone know you have thought about them, whether it is their birthday, anniversary, or any number of holidays, and you have but a moment to sign your name. There certainly is validity in that, perhaps even 90% of the time. There is however great potential to truly connect and build your relationship by choosing to express yourself and it may take a little more thought, and a bit of courage.

I am a big fan of Brené Brown.  I have read many of her books and have listened to “The Power of Vulnerability” from start to finish so many times in my car that I feel like she and I have taken road trips together.  I have found that to connect with another requires that you allow yourself to be vulnerable, and that is what is staring right at you from the inside of a blank card.

For goodness sakes, what are you going to write on all of that whiteness?  It is a wee bit scary.  Consider this, what does the phrase “thinking of you” really mean.?  What if we began to wonder, what are we really thinking and feeling?  This is the crux of the blank card challenge.  It means you must first take a moment to really consider the person you are writing to. Picture them, when did you last see them?  Allow yourself to hear the tone of their voice, remember the look in their eye. How do you feel when you are around them? Why is your life different because you have met them? What do they mean to you?  Perhaps there is a specific incident that made you realize you’d always be friends. Then comes the courage and bravery to go ahead and share. Take the blank card challenge.  It will make their YOUR day.

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