Inspired by a Valentine

I am the little girl who used to write to her Uncle Harold once or twice a week.  I have no recollection of the specific content of those letters, but I do know that they conveyed love.  I came across a Valentine that I saved for many years, one of the two cherished correspondences that Uncle Harold sent me.  Inside he wrote:

Dear ‘Ginny’;

I hope this finds you healthy, happy, and busy.  The notes that you send from time to time and the remembrances of our too few visits have added immeasurably to the quality of my life.  I suppose you personify the daughter I wish I had. 

Love Uncle Harold

I am the creator of ginspirationaldesign.  In many ways my work is being delivered into the world with the same intention as those letters to Uncle Harold.  Each card is created with love, and is ready to make a positive impact in another’s life.

I am humbled by the feedback I have received from clients who have sent my cards.  It is quite similar to what my dear Uncle Harold wrote so many years ago.   From a yoga instructor who connected with a client with my Nourishment card, to another who chose to send heartfelt Valentine cards in lieu of Christmas cards this year, the verdict is in.  It seems when you take the time to express your love, care or concern, you really have the power to “add immeasurably to the quality of another’s life.”

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